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The Blinding Light - Photo

The Blinding Light

Country of origin:
United States
Sioux Falls, South Dakota / Lawrence, Kansas
Formed in:
Metalcore/Sludge Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Init Records
Years active:
Terry Taylor Bass
See also: Hammerlord, Fiend Club, ex-Nodes of Ranvier, ex-Suffer, ex-12 1/2 Charlies, ex-Blood Bath, ex-Caligari, ex-Cthulhu, ex-Face of Decline, ex-Floodplain, ex-Officer Uggh, ex-Oversoul, ex-Rusalka, ex-Serene, ex-Sexual Chocolate, ex-Slamhound, ex-Switch, ex-The Last Tyrant, ex-Vanhelsing
Josh Ferrie Drums
See also: Suffer, ex-Fall, ex-Tennessee Murder Club, ex-Pukus, ex-Angerot, ex-Nodes of Ranvier, ex-The Thirty Fathom Grave
Tim Munce Guitars
See also: ex-Fantōme, ex-Caligari
Chad Petit Guitars
See also: Angerot, Empty Throne, Suffer, ex-Fantōme, ex-Tennessee Murder Club, ex-Pukus
Brian Lovro Vocals
See also: Precious, Threadbare, ex-Xaphan
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