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Taliön - Photo


Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Wigan, Greater Manchester, England
Changed name
Formed in:
Thrash/Heavy Metal
Last label:
Major Records
Years active:
1982-1988 (as Tröjan), 1988 (as Lethal), 1988-?, 2019-2023 (as Tröjan/Taliön), 2023-present (as Tröjan)
Renamed version of the band Tröjan, following a brief spell under the name Lethal.

Pete Wadeson and Graeme Wyatt regrouped in 2019 as Tröjan/Taliön, bringing all eras of the band under one name, but eventually decided to return to simply Tröjan in 2023. The lineup of Tröjan/Taliön included bassist Ste Anks and drummer Dave Edwards

Compilation appearances:
- "Killing the World" & ...
Phil Gavin Bass
See also: ex-Wolfpack, ex-Lethal, ex-Salem, ex-Tröjan
Johnny Lee Jackson Drums
See also: ex-Lethal, ex-Badger, ex-Tröjan, ex-Pete Wadeson, ex-Sister Rose, ex-Firefly
Pete Wadeson Guitars
See also: Tröjan, ex-Pete Wadeson, ex-Lethal, ex-Tröjan/Taliön
Graeme Wyatt Vocals
See also: Tröjan, ex-Lethal, ex-Wolfpack, ex-Tröjan/Taliön
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