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Country of origin:
Changed name
Formed in:
Folk Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Mythology, Paganism
Last label:
Years active:
1996-1997 (as Calm (Fin)), 1998 (as Calm (Fin)), 1998, 1998-? (as Hin Onde)
Svartálfheimr (Old Icelandic for "Home of the Black-Elves") is, according solely to the Prose Edda, the dwelling place of the Svartálfar ("Black Elves") which appear, in this source, to be identical with Dwarves (Old Icelandic Dvergar). There is otherwise very little evidence for an actual belief in the Svartálfar In pre-christian Scandinavia.
Kalma Drums
See also: Druadan Forest, Hiisi, Oath, Olio Tähtien Takana, V-Khaoz, Vargrav, ex-...Fallen, ex-Oath of Cirion, Old Serpent's Lore, ex-Azaghal, ex-Hin Onde, ex-Kalmankantaja, ex-Hellkult, ex-Calm (Fin), ex-Illusion of Death
Wind Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic)
See also: Hin Onde, Wyrd, Vultyr, ex-Calm (Fin), ex-Decay's Delight, ex-Varjosielu, ex-Wind
Narqath Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
See also: Azaghal, Hin Onde, Rutonkantaja, Wyrd, Vargrav (live), Vultyr, ex-...Fallen, ex-Oath of Cirion, ex-Thoronath, ex-Valar, ex-Svartkraft, ex-With Hate I Burn, ex-Belfegor, ex-Hellkult, ex-Necromortum, ex-Finnugor, ex-Calm (Fin), ex-Decay's Delight, ex-Nargoventor, ex-Varjosielu, ex-Weltraum, ex-Wolfheart
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