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Stygma IV - Photo

Stygma IV

Country of origin:
Puch, Salzburg
Formed in:
Power Metal
War, Hate, The inability to love, Human
Last label:
S.A.D. Music
Years active:
? (as Muddy Crutch), 1990-1996 (as Big Heat), 1996-1998 (as Stigmata), 1998-1999 (as Stigmata IV), 1999-2005
Stygma IV are no longer active due to drummer Herb Greisberger's inability to play anymore. Back problems forced him to stop and on November 24th, 2005 the band decided they would not continue with another drummer.

G√ľnter Maier, Alexander Hilzensauer and Ritchie Krenmaier remained involved in the metal scene.

Previously known as Muddy Crutch, then Big Heat and Stigmata, the band added the ...
Alexander Hilzensauer Bass (1996-2005)
See also: Samorra, ex-Crimson Cult, ex-Big Heat, Bed of a Nun, Dos Bastardos, ex-Muddy Crutch
Herb Greisberger Drums (1996-2005)
See also: ex-Big Heat, ex-Muddy Crutch
Günter Maier Guitars, Keyboards (1996-2005)
See also: ex-Flood of Ages, ex-U8, ex-Crimson Cult, ex-Big Heat, Bed of a Nun, ex-Muddy Crutch, ex-Stigmata (Aut)
Ritchie Krenmaier Vocals (1996-2005)
See also: Jacobs Moor, Manhattan Century, ex-Surrender, ex-Big Heat, Della Street, Ritchmore, ex-Speed Limit, ex-Doctor Rock (Aut) (live)
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