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Storm of Hate

Country of origin:
United States
Bay Area, California
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Sharks, Serial Killers
Last label:
Years active:
This was a side project of Tales From The Pit creator, Jerry Allen and Decrepit Mind members put together one weekend in 1991. It was just for fun. Some of the music ended up being used for the Tales From The Pit series theme song. The songs were all written by Jerry Allen and John Fortin and recorded on a 4 track. The Lyrics are about serial killers, sharks and other predators. The band never ...
Al Mead Bass
See also: Tearabyte, ex-Al Lee Slime, ex-Decrepit Mind, ex-Knightmare, ex-Prime Evil, Mutants, ex-Sycoman (live), ex-Fly's on Shit, ex-GG Allin & The Scumfucks
The Machine Drums
Kevin Mead Guitars
See also: Tearabyte, ex-Al Lee Slime, ex-Decrepit Mind, Flys on Shit, Mutants, ex-Blind Surgeon
John Fortin Guitars
See also: ex-Decrepit Mind
Jerry Allen Vocals
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