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Sons of Aeon

Country of origin:
Jyväskylä, Keski-Suomi
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Solitude, Loneliness
Last label:
Lifeforce Records
Years active:
Tommi Kiviniemi Bass (2010-2014)
See also: ex-Ghost Brigade, ex-Zerocharisma
Pasi Pasanen Drums (2010-2014)
See also: ex-Bone 5, ex-Murder in Art, ex-Untimely Death, ex-Clayforge, Theia Collision, ex-Swallow the Sun, ex-Morningstar, ex-Devoid of Fate, ex-Anaalikuo, ex-Plutonium Orange, ex-Red Eleven
Tapio Vartiainen Guitars (2010-2014)
See also: On a Solid Rock, ex-Defend, ex-Endstand, ex-Kill the Curse, ex-Rebound
Wille Naukkarinen Guitars (2010-2014)
See also: ex-Ghost Brigade, ex-Sunride
Tony Kaikkonen Vocals (2010-2014)
See also: Dark Days Ahead, ex-Bone 5, ex-Code for Silence, Duo Kaikkonen & Liekkala, Red Eleven, Theia Collision
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