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Solodolor - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Bay Area, California / Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Formed in:
Stoner Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Buzzville Records
Years active:
The band was formed at Billy Anderson' studio during the recording of Los Natas album "El Hombre MontaƱa".

The name of the band can be translated as "Onlypain".
Billy Anderson Bass
See also: High Tone Son of a Bitch, Trilobite, Deathstench (live), Curezum, HZ, Spilth *!%, ex-Asva, ex-Melvins, ex-Porn (The Men Of), ex-Tribes of Neurot, ex-Blessing the Hogs, ex-Good God
Gustavo Rowek Drums
See also: Rowek, ex-Nativo, ex-V8, ex-Ian, ex-Rata Blanca, ex-Sourmenage, ex-W.C.
Sergio Chotsourian Guitars
See also: Ararat, Soldati, ex-Los Natas, ex-Santoro
José Luis "Topo" Vocals
See also: Dragonauta, ex-Eight Hands for Kali, ex-Taunus, ex-Culto de Anubis, ex-Cuerno, ex-Los Natas, ex-Camposanto, ex-Iron Belt, ex-Massacre, ex-Massacre Palestina, ex-Santoro
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