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Country of origin:
Västerås, Västmanland
Formed in:
Groove/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
MNW Music AB
Years active:
1986-1989 (as Atrocity), 1989-1995 (as Rosicrucian), 1995-?
There is also a demo tape titled "To Love and to Hate" released under the name Slap-Dash Inc. in an unknown year. The line-up is totally different except for Jhonny "Berget" Bergman this time on lead guitars and vocals. Therefore the address printed on the tape says he's located in Gnesta (Södermanland) instead of Västerås (Västmanland): it is unknown if it's the same band and the same Jhonny ...
Fredrik Jacobsen Bass
See also: ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Atrocity
Jhonny "Berget" Bergman Drums
See also: Reignsaw, ex-Rosicrucian, Man.Machine.Industry, ex-Project E.A.P.
Magnus Söderman Guitars (lead)
See also: Leech, Nightrage, Reignsaw, ex-Inrage, ex-Lost Souls, ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Atrocity, ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (live), ex-Powerage
Lars Lindén Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
See also: Carnal Forge, Leech, Polarized, ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Headkillers, ex-Lesnejtas
Jens C. Mortensen Vocals
See also: Leech, ex-Carnal Forge, ex-One Hour Hell, ex-Rosicrucian (live), ex-Revolver
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