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Slapdash - Photo


Country of origin:
Västerås, Västmanland
Formed in:
Groove/Thrash Metal
Last label:
MNW Music AB
Years active:
1986-1987 (as Secession), 1987-1989 (as Atrocity), 1989-1995 (as Rosicrucian), 1995-1998
Not to be confused with Slap-Dash Inc. from Gnesta, Södermanland, who released a demo in 1990 and recorded the second one in '91 (unreleased). Though Jhonny Bergman was present in both bands, here he was exclusively a drummer, while in Slap-Dash Inc. he was the vocalist and played guitar (as well as drums). The line-ups of each band are otherwise comprised of different musicians, and both were ...
Fredrik Jacobsen Bass
See also: ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Atrocity
Jhonny Bergman Drums
See also: Man Machine Industry, Reignsaw, ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Slap-Dash Inc., ex-Conquest, ex-Project E.A.P., ex-Calamity Blaze, ex-Filth Hound Four, ex-Guilt Trip, ex-Hi-Tech Addicted Legion, ex-Mr. Hangpike & Adams Leafs, ex-Pansar, ex-Pride, ex-Rövfitta Terrror Squad, ex-The Deed, ex-Tria, ex-Victory
Magnus Söderman Guitars (lead)
See also: Leech, Mezzrow, Nightrage, Reignsaw, ex-Inrage, ex-Lost Souls, ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Atrocity, ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (live), ex-Powerage
Lars Lindén Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
See also: Carnal Forge, Leech, Polarized, ex-Rosicrucian, ex-Headkillers, ex-Lesnejtas
Jens C. Mortensen Vocals
See also: Leech, ex-Carnal Forge, ex-One Hour Hell, ex-Rosicrucian (live), ex-Revolver
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