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Country of origin:
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Darkness, Evil, Drunkenness
Last label:
Chanteloup Creations
Years active:
The 1998-1999 line-up was Von Armageddon, Bitchmaster Ghoul, The Maggot and Bestial Fucker.

The were other members, which is not known exactly when they entered or left the band:

Necromolester (who most likely left the band before recording "Storming Onslaught" demo, 1999)
Tom Angelfucker (who most likelyleft the band before "Storming Onslaught" demo, 1999)

On the "Bestial Evil" demo ...
Last known
The Maggot Bass
See also: ex-Bestial Devastation, ex-Pimeys
Bestial Fucker Drums
See also: ex-Blasphemous Evil (live)
Bitchmaster Ghoul Guitars
See also: Black Stench, Deathmoon Covenance, Doedsvangr, Finnentum, Gandr, Hoath, Horna, Mortualia, My Torments, Necroslut, Sargeist, Sinisterite, Striges, Uhraus, Vordr, Vritra, Demonic Christ (live), Nightbringer (live), ex-Foudre Noire, ex-Mirkhall, ex-Tyrannium, ex-Aytnachr, ex-Morbid Savouring, ex-Battle, ex-Blutschrei, ex-Behexen, ex-Drowning the Light (live), ex-Eternum, ex-Vornat (live), ex-Ravening, ex-Luotteet, ex-Occult Suffering, ex-Reprobatus, ex-Rutger-H, ex-Seer of Curses, ex-Vearmraev
Von Armageddon Vocals
See also: Gestapo 666, Heavy Cross, Infernal Darkness, Knife, Krüel Kömmando, Orlok, Satanael, Satanic Warmaster, Satanist Terrorist, The True Werwolf, Vritrahn-Werwolf, White Death, Vargrav (live), Warloghe (live), ex-Armour, ex-Blasphemous Evil, ex-Blutrache, ex-Incriminated, ex-Pest, ex-Shatargat, ex-Bestial Noise, ex-Vomitfago, ex-Horna, ex-Krieg, ex-Mental Terror, ex-Goatmoon (live)
Tom Angelfucker Drums
Necromolester Guitars
See also: ex-Armour
Tom Angelfucker Drums
Necromolester Guitars
See also: ex-Armour
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