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Country of origin:
Tampere (Finland) / South East (England)
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Evil, Satan, Suffering, Possession
Current label:
Pest Productions
Years active:
Nox lives in the UK, while Shatraug and Molestor Kadotus are based out of Finland.
Molestor Bass
See also: Anal Blasphemy, Black Priest of Satan, Itsemurha, Musta Kappeli, ex-Ruttokorppi, ex-Trotzreich, ex-Calvarium, ex-Blasphemous Devotion, ex-Drowning the Light (live), ex-Murha, ex-Suolistosairaus
Nox Drums, Vocals
See also: Uhraus, Wolves Eyes, ex-Ancient Spirit, ex-Arete, ex-Cast in Stone, ex-Dark Autumn, ex-Forest Grave, ex-Foudre Noire, ex-Obey, Folcriht, Sacred Dominions, ex-Pulse of the Earth, ex-Rebirth
Sinister Prophet Shatraug Guitars, Bass
See also: Black Stench, Deathmoon Covenance, Doedsvangr, Finnentum, Gandr, Hoath, Horna, Mortualia, My Torments, Necroslut, Sargeist, Striges, Uhraus, Vordr, Vritra, Demonic Christ (live), Nightbringer (live), ex-Foudre Noire, ex-Mirkhall, ex-Skullcrusher, ex-Tyrannium, ex-Aytnachr, ex-Morbid Savouring, ex-Battle, ex-Blutschrei, ex-Behexen, ex-Drowning the Light (live), ex-Eternum, ex-Vornat (live), ex-Ravening, ex-Luotteet, ex-Occult Suffering, ex-Reprobatus, ex-Rutger-H, ex-Seer of Curses, ex-Vearmraev
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