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Shelton Chastain - Photo

Shelton Chastain

Country of origin:
United States
Wichita, Kansas / Cincinnati, Ohio
Formed in:
Heavy/Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Mythology, Fantasy
Last label:
Postmortem Apocalypse
Years active:
Pictured left to right: David T. Chastain and Mark Shelton.
David T. Chastain All instruments
See also: Chastain, David T. Chastain, ex-Counterpoint, ex-Spike, ex-Zanister, ex-CJSS, Southern Gentlemen, ex-Georgia Blues Dawgs, ex-Ruud Cooty, ex-The Cincinnati Improvisational Group
Mark "The Shark" Shelton Vocals
(R.I.P. 2018) See also: ex-Hellwell, ex-Manilla Road, ex-Apocalypse, ex-Circus Maximus, ex-Embryo, ex-Mark Shelton, ex-Riddlemaster, ex-Shag Nasty, ex-The Herd, ex-The Shark Project, ex-Tumbleweed
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