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Country of origin:
Formed in:
Raw Black Metal/Punk
Lyrical themes:
Violence, Sex, Horror
Last label:
Posh Isolation
Years active:
? (as Pruneface), 2008-2013, 2014
Initially called Pruneface. They also released and re-released their Pruneface demo.

Final show was performed at the 13 Torches for a Burn Festival in May of 2014.
Bo Höyer Hansen Bass
See also: Marching Church, ex-Hand Of Dust, ex-Odilon, ex-Pruneface
Anton Rothstein Drums
See also: Marching Church, ex-Contour, ex-Lower, ex-Pruneface
Alexander Fnug Olsen Guitars
See also: ex-Garrotte, ex-Balisong, ex-Girlseeker, ex-Pruneface
Loke S K Rahbek Vocals
See also: ex-Garrotte, Contour, Croatian Amor, Damien Dubrovnik, Erotikens Historie, LR, Lust For Youth, Olymphia, Vår, ex-Caucasian Colony, ex-Days In Return, ex-Document One, ex-En Tragedie, ex-Hvide Sejl, ex-Limepit, ex-Pruneface, ex-Sebastian Kruse, ex-Semi Detached Spankers, ex-Severe Photography, ex-Shooting Gallery
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