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Seven Sins - Photo

Seven Sins

Country of origin:
Haslum, Viken
Changed name
Formed in:
Melodic Black/Thrash Metal
Last label:
Nuclear Blast
Years active:
1998-2000, 2000-present (as Susperia)
Cyrus and Tjodalv formed the band in October 1998, but the full band itself did not take shape until August/September 1999. They recorded a demo in December of that year, which lead to them being signed to a 4-record deal by Nuclear Blast. The band changed name to Susperia in the summer of 2000, after being signed by Nuclear Blast.

There is also a 7-song rough demo that was recorded in 1998, ...
Tjodalv Drums (1998-2000)
See also: Abyssic, Gromth, Susperia, Thyruz, ex-Black Comedy, ex-Requiem, ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Old Man's Child
Cyrus Guitars (1998-2000)
See also: Insidious Disease, Susperia, ex-ICS Vortex, ex-Sarke, ex-Dimmu Borgir (live), ex-Satyricon (live), ex-Crownfall, ex-Sensa Anima
Memnoch Bass (1999-2000)
See also: Abyssic, Antiqva, ex-Lost in Time, ex-Metadox, ex-Vanaheim, Art of Departure, ex-Old Man's Child, ex-Susperia, ex-Black Comedy
Elvorn Guitars (1999-2000)
See also: Abyssic, Susperia, Insidious Disease (live), ex-Ringnevond, ex-Vanaheim
Athera Vocals (1999-2000)
See also: Minas, Susperia, ex-Metadox, ex-Ringnevond, ex-Vanaheim, ex-Abyssic, ex-Chrome Division, ex-Borknagar (live), ex-Sarke (live), ex-JUJ
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