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Sesso Violento - Photo

Sesso Violento

Country of origin:
Italy (early); United Kingdom (later)
Formed in:
Black Metal/Crust
Hate, Violence, Sex
Current label:
Democide Products
Years active:
2010-2017, 2021-present
Also known as Sessoviolento. "Sesso Violento" is Italian for "violent sex".

Belonged to the Yamabushi Collective along with Bahuchara, Cease to Exist, Cthulhu Youth, Ewige Schlangenkraft, Evangelic tha Slick, Foot Powder, Gevurah, Gnostic Front, Gormless, Klux, Monlam Chenmo, Mr Bradly-Mr Martin, Nembutal, NHGH, Nowt, Ohrmuzd 3, Prison Shower, Procrastinator, Smart Casual, Swastikas on ...
D'Offay Bass
L. J Drums
NHGH Drums
See also: Cease to Exist, Ewige Schlangenkraft, Gevurah, The Numinous Way, ex-Gormless, ex-Ungrund, (The) Troglodytes, Cthulhu Youth, Foot Powder, Klux, NHGH, Nowt, Procrastinator, Realities of War, Turbo Chong, Unloved, ex-Flyblown, ex-Swastikas on Parade, ex-The Deathskulls
U.C Guitars, Vocals
FZA Guitars
See also: Ewige Schlangenkraft, ex-Gormless, ex-Ungrund
O.M. Drums (2021-present)
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