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Serrando Codos

Country of origin:
Castellvell del Camp, Tarragona, Catalonia
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Ultraviolence
Current label:
Coyote Records
Years active:
Band calls their style "Horror Noise from Hell".

Also released:
- Plague / Serrando Codos (Split)
- Gross / Serrando Codos (Split)
- Inside Out Anus / Fell from Ass / Serrando Codos / Rapist W.N Penis (Split)
- Serrando Codos / Hated Principles (Split)
- Serrando Codos / Violent Headache (Split)
- "Live at September to Dismember 27.09.2008" (Tape, Sonic Arse Tapes, 2010, 50 copies)

J "Torment" Marsal Drums
Marc Cabildo Guitars, Bass
See also: Mixomatosis, ex-Audiorrea, ex-Brutal Noise, ex-Cannibal Motivation, ex-Clotpump, ex-Ed-Gein, ex-Noiseabundos, ex-Pozilga, ex-Pus, ex-Ruidosis, ex-Turronizer, ex-Virkikills, ex-Xtreem Anal Regurgitation
Mr. X Vocals, Drums, Drum programming
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