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Serotonin Leakage

Country of origin:
United States
Formed in:
Goregrind (early); Death/Black Metal/Goregrind (later)
Medicine, Chemicals, Hormones
Current label:
Doc Dank's Herbal Remedies for the Soul
Years active:
Compilation appearance(s):
- "Untitled" on HPGD 2021 Full Year in Review (HGPD Productions, digital, December 2021)
Doc Dank All instruments, Vocals
See also: Acute Nephritis, Helminthemesis, Já-Ruul, Doc Dank, Human Pancake, ex-Acute Necrotizing Hepatic Tumours of the Paralyzed Liver, ex-Carcinomatous Hepatocancrogastrojejunostomy Following Ureterarterialne, ex-Clogged Orifice, ex-Double Crack Pipe, ex-Endocrine Surgery for Prolapsed Uterus, ex-Enterococcal Infection of the Urinary Tract Causes Severe Urinary Inco, ex-Genital Bacteria Tear the Flesh of the Rotten Vagina, ex-Harmonious Tones of Shattered Bones, ex-Human Deformity, ex-Intestinal Mastication, ex-Larvae-Affected Cerebral Liquidization, ex-Liquified Cerebrum Severity, ex-Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma of the Mucosal Epithelium in the Nasopharynx, ex-Reglan Induced Drug Intoxication, ex-Ripping Off Your Herpe Scab With A Power Sander
Cool Breeze Vocals
See also: Tartarus Horde, Gutsack, Human Pancake
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