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Sermon of Foulness

Country of origin:
United States
McLean, Virginia
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Wolfs Hook Records
Years active:
2006-2007 (as Morhyst), 2007-present
Compilation Appearances:
- "Chalice of Blood" on Sacrifice at the Altar of the Satanic Blood Angel - A Tribute to Von (Rusty Axe Records, 2008)
- "Beast of the Hex" on Under the Axe Volume 4 (Rusty Axe Records, 2008)

Released a demo "Drenched in the Blood of the Firmament" under the name Morhyst.
Tiberius All instruments, Vocals
See also: ex-Raw Hatred, ex-Enbilulugugal, ex-Dawn of Sorrow, ex-Armies of Asgard, ex-Aviusum Legio, ex-Bestial Onslaught, ex-Charcharoth, ex-Morhyst
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