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Send Forth the Colony

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
London, England
Formed in:
Sludge Metal/Metalcore
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Life Burns Records
Years active:
Andres was going to be a fill-in guitarist for Frankie Says Relax, but they found a new full-time guitarist Hartaj who lived alot closer to join in the band instead.

Andres and Angus' side project Kingdom is a death metal band similar to Brain Drill and also contains one of the guitarists from Viatrophy.
Paul Bass
Josh Drums
See also: ex-Our Cause
Angus Guitars
See also: Kingdom
Andres Guitars
See also: Kingdom, Skies, The Omen
Christopher Savanamithru Vocals
See also: ex-Angry Pow
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