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Scum - Photo


Country of origin:
Oslo, Norway / New York, New York, United States
On hold
Formed in:
Black/Death Metal/Punk
Lyrical themes:
Death, Politics, Hatred
Last label:
DogJob Records
Years active:
The intention was to create black metal-influenced punk rock... or as they see it, "black metal with a real punk rock attitude."

All of the members of this side project are from Norway except Casey Chaos, who is American.
Happy Tom Bass (2002-present)
See also: Turbonegro
Faust Drums (2002-present)
See also: Blood Tsunami, Djevel, ex-Bomberos, ex-Decomposed Cunt, ex-Mongo Ninja, ex-Studfaust, ex-Stigma Diabolicum, ex-Aborym, ex-Emperor, ex-Thorns, ex-Nattefrost (live)
Cosmocrator Guitars (2002-present)
See also: Mindgrinder, The Wretched End, ex-Mental Garrotter, Nebelhexë, ex-Source of Tide, ex-Windir (live), ex-Zyklon (live), ex-Notodden All Stars
Samoth Guitars (2002-present)
See also: Emperor, The Wretched End, ex-Zyklon, ex-Zyklon-B, ex-Embryonic, ex-Xerasia, ex-Arcturus, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Satyricon, ex-Thou Shalt Suffer, ex-Conspiracy, ex-Fast Breeder, ex-Notodden All Stars, ex-Spina Bifida, ex-Zyltelab
Casey Chaos Vocals (2002-present)
See also: Amen, ex-Amicuss, ex-Disorderly Conduct, ex-Scars on Broadway, ex-Christian Death (live)
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