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Road to Consciousness - Photo

Road to Consciousness

Country of origin:
On hold
Formed in:
Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Fakto Records
Years active:
Compilation appearance(s):
- "The Middle Path" on Des Filles et des Riffs Vol. 2 (2011)
Christophe Jaeger Arpegios
See also: ex-Free Launch
Manu De Ros Bass
See also: ex-The Temple
Bernard Daubresse Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
See also: Lovelorn Dolls, ex-Free Launch
Kris De Bie Drums
See also: ex-Epycenter, ex-FireForce, ex-Patriarch
Nico Claus Guitars
See also: Scarin' Myself, ex-Psycotics, ex-The Guild, ex-Dark Sensation
Val Granson Guitars
See also: ex-15 Reasons
Eric Renwart Guitars
See also: ex-Vibrion, ex-Pixelrace
Olivier Van Houte Hammond organ
See also: ex-The Moonshine Playboys, ex-The Temple
Yves Huts Orchestrations
See also: Sahara Dust, ex-Ecliptica, ex-Axamenta, ex-Epica, ex-Gurthang
Leny Andrieux Vocals
See also: Scarin' Myself
Marja Supponen Vocals
See also: Rhinestone Lives
Kristell Lowagie Vocals
See also: Lovelorn Dolls, SIN.SIN, ex-Skeptical Minds, ex-Valkyre, ex-Joliet
Benjamin Albertani Vocals
See also: Kaptain Oats
Wan Vocals
See also: ex-Dragonfire, Blind Seer, ex-Karyan, ex-Cosmic Invaders, ex-Finally, ex-La Poupée Sanglante
Krys Denhez Vocals
See also: ex-Jarell, Nerv, Omrade, ex-Nicht, ex-The Cleaner, ex-The Dying Seed, ex-6:33, ex-Mur, ex-Why Draft
Serge van de Poel Vocals
See also: ex-Brainshake, ex-Crime 7
Justine Daaé Vocals
See also: Elyose, The Erinyes, ex-Grey November, ex-Garden of Sins
Lauryn Vocals
See also: ex-Aedden
Laura Crowet Vocals
See also: ex-Before Silence
Jamie-Lee Smit Vocals
See also: ex-Azylya, Jamie-Lee Smit, ex-Skeptical Minds, ex-Sad Siberia, ex-Aedden
Ville Laaksonen Vocals
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