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Ritual of Torment

Country of origin:
United States
Cleveland, Ohio
On hold
Formed in:
Power/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
?-1986 (as Firedance), 1986-1988 (as Rotterdam), 1988-1989 (as Torment), 1989-1992 (as Tormentor), 1992-1995 (as Ritual), 1995-?
Ritual of Torment originally split up in 1995, but recently Juan has ressurected the project, and Ritual of Torment has released a self-titled cd with re-recorded versions of old Ritual songs, plus 2 live videos.

The massive Torment mural seen behind the band in this photo was originally painted and photographed for the cover of Torment's "Relapse of Aggression" demo tape in 1991, where it can ...
Jack Kilcoyne Bass
See also: ex-Torment, ex-Ritual, ex-(216), ex-Mushroomhead, ex-Point After
Emery Ceo Drums
See also: Kriadiaz, ex-Torment, ex-Arenah, ex-Ritual, ex-Rotterdam, S.O.S., ex-Dark Arena, ex-Integrity, ex-Blindside Blues Band, ex-Runt
Mike Ruzsbanszki Guitars
See also: Kriadiaz, ex-Torment, ex-Ritual
Bob Allerton Guitars
See also: ex-Torment, ex-Chronic Rage, ex-Ritual, ex-Rotterdam, ex-Abduction
Juan Ricardo Vocals
See also: Sunless Sky, Wretch, ex-Attaxe, ex-Torment, ex-Zyklone, ex-Arenah, ex-Ritual, ex-Chemikill, ex-Dark Arena, ex-Stryker, ex-Warmaster
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