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Rising Power

Country of origin:
United States
Long Island, New York
Formed in:
Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Metal, Life, Power
Last label:
Ross Entertainment
Years active:
Angus Whittaker Bass
Mike Portnoy Drums
See also: Liquid Tension Experiment, Metal Allegiance, Sons of Apollo, Transatlantic, Noturnall (live), John Arch, ex-Liquid Trio Experiment, ex-Majesty, BPMD, Flying Colors, Neal Morse Band, The Winery Dogs, Yellow Matter Custard, Bigelf (live), ex-Dream Theater, ex-S.A. Adams, ex-Altitudes & Attitude (live), ex-Fates Warning (live), ex-John Petrucci (live), ex-Overkill (live), ex-OSI, ex-Adrenaline Mob, ex-Inner Sanctum, ex-Twisted Sister (live), ex-Amazing Journey, ex-Cygnus and the Sea Monsters, ex-Hammer of the Gods, ex-Intruder, ex-Avenged Sevenfold (live), ex-Stone Sour (live)
Peter Best Guitars, Vocals
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