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Righteous Pigs

Country of origin:
United States
Las Vegas, Nevada
Formed in:
Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Death, Gore, Nihilism
Current label:
Nuclear Blast
Years active:
1986-?, 1993, 2013-present
Compilation Appearances:
- "I Hope You Die in a Hotel Fire" and "Incarcerated" (demo) on The Pleasures in Life (Nuclear Blast, 1989)
- "Overdose" and "Ruinous Dump" on Death...Is Just the Beginning (Nuclear Blast, 1990)
- "Open Wound" on Just the Beginning II (Nuclear Blast/Relapse, 1992)

After their second album they broke up and Mitch Harris joined Napalm Death.

Harris, ...
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