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Repulsion - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
New York, New York
Changed name
Formed in:
Gothic/Doom Metal
Depression, Hatred, Anger, Drugs, Sex
Last label:
Years active:
1989-1990 (as New Minority), 1990, 1990 (as Sub Zero), 1990-2010 (as Type O Negative)
Had to change name to Type O Negative due to the grindcore/death metal band Repulsion from Flint, Michigan already using the name.
Peter Steele Bass, Vocals (1990)
(R.I.P. 2010) See also: ex-Fallout, ex-Type O Negative, ex-Carnivore, ex-Disciple, ex-Roadrunner United
Sal Abruscato Drums (1990)
See also: A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Toximia, King of the Locusts, ex-Life of Agony, ex-Type O Negative, ex-DieHumane, ex-My Mortality, ex-Suppermasiv
Kenny Hickey Guitars (1990)
See also: Silvertomb, ex-Seventh Void, ex-Type O Negative, EYE AM, ex-Danzig, ex-Kingdom of Sorrow (live), ex-Black Water Rising
Josh Silver Keyboards (1990)
See also: ex-Fallout, ex-Type O Negative, ex-Aggression, ex-Original Sin
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