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Country of origin:
United States
Detroit, Michigan
On hold
Formed in:
Thrash Metal, Crust Punk
Lyrical themes:
Death, Occultism, Evil, Insanity
Last label:
Burnin' Leather Records
Years active:
Reaper can be credited as the first "metal punk" band from Detroit. A split 12" with War Ripper was in the works for Hell's Headbangers in 2007 but was scrapped after the band lost all their gear in a house fire. Not to be confused with Reaper from Germany.
Redbeard Bass
See also: Nuke, ex-Bloody Dung And The Thalidomide Babies, ex-Head Eruption, ex-Hellstallion, ex-Jeff Nonsense, ex-Lindane, ex-Pirate Law, ex-The Nihilists
"Motor City" Chaz Drums
See also: Acid Witch, Shitfucker, Head Eruption, ex-Gas Chambers For Christ, ex-Hellstallion, ex-Just Been Mugged, ex-Payload Of Atomic Warhead Nightmares, ex-Random Axe Of Terror, ex-Rigor Mortar
Larry The Dude Guitars (lead)
See also: The Chiropractiers, ex-Hellstallion, ex-Just Been Mugged, ex-Random Axe of Terror, ex-Terror Mask
Jack the Ripper Guitars (rhythm)
See also: ex-Black Monday, ex-Hellstallion, ex-Pirate Law, ex-Rabid, ex-Random Axe Of Terror, ex-Rigor Mortar
Shagrat Vocals
See also: Acid Witch, Shitfucker, Filthy Death, ex-A.I.D.S, ex-Feast or Famine, ex-Lindane, ex-Pirate Law, ex-Social Outcast, ex-The Nihilists, ex-The Smoke Bombs, ex-Wärwolf
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