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Rat Attack

Country of origin:
United States
Honolulu, Hawaii
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Ripp Music
Years active:
Recorded a 2-song instrumental demo ("Ride the Sphinx" and "Hail Hail") in 1982. It was used to audition drummers and bassists, not officially released. They had plans to do a second official recording, "Curiosity Killed the Cat," but this didn't come to fruition. Songs included "Knight Gallery," "Human Zoo," "Masters of Reflection," and "12 O'Clock in London Square" (which "Hail Hail" from ...
Mark Chambers Bass
Paul Schofield Drums
See also: ex-Liquid Mirror, ex-SSS (Sky Sunlight Saxon) Dragonslayers, ex-Vertigo Children
Leslie Ripp Guitars
See also: Leslie Ripp
Tom Azevedo Vocals, Guitar
See also: ex-Hawaii, ex-Liquid Mirror, Tommy Train, ex-Kill Culture, ex-Michael Dawson, ex-Roadshow, ex-Sky Saxon The Seeds, ex-Sky Sunlight Saxon & FireWall, ex-SSS (Sky Sunlight Saxon) Dragonslayers, ex-Vertigo Children
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