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Rage of Angels - Photo

Rage of Angels

Country of origin:
United States
Stamford, Connecticut
Formed in:
Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Last label:
Regency Records
Years active:
A promo cassette version of their self-titled album was also released with interviews and remixes.

Not to be confused with Rage of Angels from Salem, Massachusetts.

Compilation appearances:
- "Rock for the Rock" on Heavy Righteous Metal (Pure Metal Records, 1988);
- "Reason to Rock" on East Coast Metal (Regency Records, 1988);
- "Do You Believe in Love" on Ultimate Metal (Star Song, 1989)
- ...
Dale Glifort Bass
See also: Jump the Gunn, ex-Harvann, ex-Still Alive and Well
Greg Kurtzman Guitars
Frank DiCostanzo Guitars
See also: Pimpinella, ex-Red Alert, ex-Steelheart
Dan Mariano Vocals
See also: ex-Pyn Siren, BadBoy
John Fowler Drums (1987-1989)
(R.I.P. 2008) See also: ex-Smoke, ex-Hipnotic, ex-Red Alert, ex-Roadrunner, ex-Spectre, ex-Steelheart, ex-Sweet Cheater, ex-The Swag Hooks, ex-The Voodoo Jets
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