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Project Rock in Korea

Country of origin:
Korea, South
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Seong Eum
Years active:
A Korean metal all-star band that did a one-off album, as well as released a live album of the same material.

Can be compared to Nuclear Blast Allstars, Aina, Hear 'n Aid and Avantasia in that respect.

Not to be confused with Rock.Korea.
Kim Hyeon-Joon Bass
See also: ex-작은하늘
Dal Pa-Ran Bass
See also: ex-H₂O, ex-Sinawe, ex-작은하늘, ex-Boksoongah, ex-Dal Pa-Ran & Byeong-Joon, ex-Pipi Band, ex-Pipi Longstocking, ex-Small Sky
Terry Scherrer Bass
See also: ex-Mazurka
Kim Min-Gi Drums
See also: ex-Charisma, ex-H₂O, ex-Sinawe
Kim In-Yong Drums
Son Gyeong-Ho Drums
See also: ex-Sinawe, ex-Foreign Legion, ex-99, ex-Bihaengseon, ex-Button, ex-Hot Potato, ex-Skid Mark, ex-Wonder Bird
Lee Byeong-il Drums
See also: ex-L.P.G., ex-Love and Peace
Loren Scott Drums, Vocals
See also: ex-Mazurka
Oh Tae-Ho Guitars
See also: ex-Lee Oh Gong Gam, ex-Public Telephone
Son Mu-Hyeon Guitars
See also: ex-Foreign Legion, ex-Korean Independence Day Band, ex-Son Mu-Hyeon & Double Trouble
Lee Joong-San Guitars
Steve Do Kyoon Kim Guitars
See also: Baekdoosan, Steve Do Kyoon Kim, D.O.A., ex-Asiana, ex-Power Together, ex-D.O.A. Guitar Project Band, ex-Kim Do Kyun Group, ex-Remang
Lee Geun-Hyeong Guitars
See also: ex-Charisma, ex-Kim Kyung-Ho, ex-작은하늘
Han Jeong-Ho Keyboards
See also: Love and Peace
Kim Jong-Seo Vocals
See also: ex-Charisma, Kim Jong-Seo, ex-Sinawe, ex-Boohwal
Kim Seong-Heon Vocals
See also: ex-Baekdoosan, ex-Sinawe, ex-작은하늘
Hong Seong-Min Vocals
See also: ex-Humanade, ex-Public Telephone
Im Jae-Beom Vocals
See also: ex-Asiana, ex-Sinawe, ex-Foreign Legion
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