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Professor Fate

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Birmingham, England
Formed in:
Symphonic Darkwave
Lyrical themes:
The Divine Comedy
Last label:
FETO Records
Years active:
Professor Fate is a character that appears in the comedy film of 1965 "The Great Race" starring Jack Lemmon.

Also contributed the track "Ghost Dance" to the compilation "The Beast of Attila Csihar" 2003 with Attila Csihar on vocals.
Mick Kenney All instruments, Vocals (2002-?)
See also: Anaal Nathrakh, ex-Dethroned, ex-Exploder, ex-Frost, ex-Mistress, ex-Rot, FETO, Monkeys Are Machine Guns, Sorrows, The Iron Son, ex-Fukpig, ex-Bleeding Through (live), ex-Suffer Well
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