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Power Together

Country of origin:
Korea, South
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
For M
Years active:
Supergroup of all the members of Baekdoosan, Blackhole, Black Syndrome, and Stranger.

It was only a one-time deal which released a split album with all the aforementioned bands.
Mikki Bass
See also: H₂O, ex-Asiana, ex-Charisma, ex-Baekdoosan, ex-Sinawe, ex-Freedom, ex-Moonchild
Jeon Hae-Woong Bass
See also: ex-Stranger
Jimmy S. Bang Bass
See also: ex-Black Syndrome
Jeong Byeong-Hee Bass
See also: Blackhole
Ham Yu-Tae Drums
See also: ex-Stranger, ex-Dark Age
Choi So-Ri Drums
See also: ex-Baekdoosan
Hong Jin-Gyu Drums
See also: ex-Sahara, ex-Black Syndrome
Kim Eung-Yoon Drums
See also: ex-Blackhole
Lim Deok-Gyu Guitars
See also: ex-Stranger
Kim Jae-Man Guitars
See also: Black Syndrome, ex-Hear N' Aid
Bak Weon-Jo Guitars
See also: ex-Blackhole
Steve Do Kyoon Kim Guitars, Vocals
See also: Baekdoosan, Steve Do Kyoon Kim, D.O.A., ex-Asiana, ex-Project Rock in Korea, ex-D.O.A. Guitar Project Band, ex-Kim Do Kyun Group, ex-Remang
Seon Jong-Wook Vocals
See also: ex-Stranger, ex-Crux
Bak Yeong-Cheol Vocals
See also: Black Syndrome, Wicked Solutions, ex-Man to Man, ex-Zett, ex-Hear N' Aid
Ju Sang-Gyoon Vocals, Guitars
See also: Blackhole
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