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Country of origin:
São Paulo, São Paulo
Formed in:
Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lyrical themes:
Love, Feelings, Fantasy
Last label:
Baratos Afins
Years active:
1981-1984 (as Prisma), 1984-1987, 1988-? (as Cherokee)
Formed as Prisma in early 80's.

Renamed for Slogan at 1988, but this name was still with another band at same time, and changed for Cherokee and released one album with this name, "Pegando Fogo".
Andria Busic Bass, Vocals (backing) (1984-1987)
See also: Dr. Sin, ex-Hudson Cadorini, ex-Shining Star, ex-Karma, ex-Casa das Máquinas, ex-Supla, ex-Taffo, ex-Ultraje a Rigor
Ivan Busic Drums (1984-1987)
See also: Dr. Sin, Ivan Busic, ex-Hudson Cadorini, ex-Shining Star, ex-Colony (live), ex-A Chave do Sol, ex-Supla, ex-Taffo
Daril Parisi Guitars (1984-?)
Sergio Semam Vocals (1984-?)
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