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Pan.Thy.Monium - Photo


Country of origin:
Finspång, Östergötland
Formed in:
Progressive/Avant-garde Death Metal
Dreams, Abstract
Last label:
Relapse Records
Years active:
The group disbanded in 1996, after recording Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion.

The band's lyrics, though largely obscure and indecipherable, purportedly tell the story of a chaos god named Raagoonshinnaah.

The picture on the right circa 1990 (left to right): Robert Ivarsson, Dan Swanö, Karlsson, Larsson.

Compilation appearances:
- "Klievieage" on Pantalgia - An International Death Metal Compilation ...
Day DiSyraah Bass, Keyboards, Effects (1990-1996)
See also: Nightingale, Odyssey, Unicorn, Witherscape, ex-Anathema, ex-Cryptic Death, ex-Dan Swanö, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Incision, ex-Infestdead, ex-Karaboudjan, ex-Masticate, ex-Mortify, ex-Steel, ex-Stygg Död, ex-Total Terror, ex-Darkcide, ex-Route Nine, Obliterhate, ex-Bloodbath, ex-Ribspreader, ex-Brejn Dedd, ex-Caress into Oblivion, ex-Fordz, ex-Ghost, ex-Icarus, ex-Malfaithor, ex-Morot
Winter Drums, Percussion, Violin (1990-1996)
See also: ex-Godsend, ex-Plague Warhead, ex-Stygg Död, ex-Total Terror, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Ophthalamia, ex-Caress into Oblivion, ex-Morot
Mourning Guitars (rhythm) (1990-1996)
See also: ex-Ashes, ex-No Fucking God, ex-Stygg Död, ex-Facebreaker, ex-Incapacity, ex-Ophthalamia, ex-Morot
Derelict Vocals (1990-1996)
See also: Aktiv Dödshjälp, Ironmaster, Scar Symmetry, Zombified, ex-Darkified, ex-No Fucking God, ex-Scypozoa, ex-Solar Dawn, ex-Facebreaker, ex-Night Crowned, ex-Tormented, ex-Devian, ex-Edge of Sanity, ex-Incapacity, ex-Fistel, ex-Kill, ex-The Deadbeats, ex-The Nasty Flames, ex-Tortyr, ex-Trimmad Elg
Äag Guitars (lead), Organ, Baritone saxophone (1992-1996)
See also: Nightingale, ex-Von Panzer, ex-Fordz, ex-Ghost (live)
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