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Paingod - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Lake Worth, Florida
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Century Media Records
Years active:
1988-1994 (as Raped Ape), 1994-1997
Compilation appearance(s):
"Paingod" on Metal Massacre XII (Metal Blade)
Tommy Buckley Bass, Vocals
See also: ex-Raped Ape, Lobotomy, Wonder Junkie, ex-Hellwitch, ex-Vacant Grave
J.C. Dwyer Drums
See also: ex-Raped Ape, JC Dwyer and the Blackbirds, The Ferocious Stones, ex-Icarus Witch, ex-Pro-Pain, ex-The Mobile Homies, ex-The Shrill
Mike "Pooch" Pucciarelli Guitars
See also: Sworn Enemy, ex-Raped Ape, ex-Burner
John Paul Soars Guitars
See also: ex-Wynjara, ex-Raped Ape, JP Soars and the Red Hots, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Divine Empire, ex-Burner
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