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Pagan War Machine - Photo

Pagan War Machine

Country of origin:
United States
Los Angeles, California
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Violence
Last label:
Years active:
On the photo from L to R: Mendez, Durkin, Lima, Gaines

Pagan War Machine was born in the minds of two Los Angeles based Thrash Metal masters, guitarist Jim Durkin and vocalist/bassist Steve Gaines.
Al "Mayhem" Mendez Drums (2002-?)
See also: Arch Blade, ex-Dreams of Damnation, ex-Scarred, ex-Dark Angel (live), ex-Mad Whip Thunder, ex-Eternal Nemesis, ex-Vindicator
Jim Durkin Guitars (2002-?)
See also: Dark Angel, Dreams of Damnation, ex-Shellshock, ex-Ruthless, ex-Blood Alliance
Marcelo Lima Guitars (2002-?)
See also: ex-Mastaba
Steve Gaines Vocals, Bass (2002-?)
See also: Anger as Art, ex-Abattoir, ex-Tactics, ex-Steve Gaines, ex-Bitch, ex-Bloodlust, ex-Dreams of Damnation, ex-Prisoner
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