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PaalThal Anunnaki - Photo

PaalThal Anunnaki

Country of origin:
León, Guanajuato
On hold
Formed in:
Technical/Progressive Death Metal
Cosmos, Alien contact, Astrophysics
Last label:
Concreto Records
Years active:
2010-2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
On hold since 2015 after Guillermo relocated to France. The band has been briefly active from time to time since.

They also released a streaming-only single titled "Void" through YouTube in 2018.
Fer Malagón Bass (2010-2015)
See also: Godbelow, Satanic Rites III, Dark Matter (live), Evilforces (live), ex-Legacy, ex-Symbiotic
Mauricio González Drums, Vocals (2010-2015)
See also: Dark Matter, Dies Irae, Fractal Dimension, Symbiotic, ex-Egmont, ex-Shiri, Travels in Solitude
Guillermo González Vocals, Guitars (2010-2015)
See also: ex-Chaos Echœs (live), ex-Goat Perversion (live), ex-Nebular Vision, In Ainih's Horde, ex-Chaos Motion, ex-Clitorape, ex-Diabolical Symphony
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