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Orthodox - Photo


Country of origin:
Seville, Andalusia
Formed in:
Drone/Doom/Avant-garde Metal
South-Spanish religious folklore, Oppression, Sin
Current label:
Alone Records
Years active:
Ex-members of The Forge, Degüello, and Tierra.

In an interview in Riff-Fanzine they stated: "We play dressed as penitents of the Sevillian brotherhoods. For us is a way to annul the individual at the moment of playing live music. The only esthetic reference is three motionless figures in black. We force the audience to be centered in that side of our shows..."

Compilation appearances:
- ...
Ricardo Jimenez Gómez Guitars (2004-2014, 2020-present)
See also: Pylar, Dronespell & The Omega Chord, Génesis Negro, ex-Degüello, ex-The Forge
Marco Serrato Gallardo Bass, Vocals (2004-present)
See also: ex-Tierra, ex-Monstermind, Arconte, Frente Abierto, Hidden Forces Trio, Jacob, Matadero, Sesiones Ácidas, Sputnik Trio, Tiró la pala y la besó, ex-Degüello
Borja Diaz Vera Drums (2004-present)
See also: Altair, Misticia (live), ex-Monstermind, Arconte, Dronespell & The Omega Chord, Hidden Forces Trio, Larsen C & The Millennials, Matadero, Sesiones Ácidas, Sputnik Trio
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