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Organ Trails - Photo

Organ Trails

Country of origin:
Lausanne, Vaud
Changed name
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Human Circus Records
Years active:
1996 (as Pest), 1996-2005, 2005-present (as Enoid)
Formed in 1996 as Pest, then changed into Organ Trails. In 2005, the band became Enoid.
Bornyake Everything (1996-2005)
See also: Ancient Moon, Astral Silence, Borgne, Clavus, Diurnal, Enoid, Excreta, Lypektomy, Manii, My Death Belongs to You, Nivatakavachas, Pneumoconiosis, Porifice, Pure, Serpens Luminis, ex-Gerbophilia, ex-Haine, ex-Krigar, Canal of Mash Addle, Decomposition, Snorre, The Two Boys Sandwich Club, ex-Cakewet, ex-ChokingOnBile, ex-Cryfemal, ex-Kawir, ex-Oculus, ex-Ravnkald, ex-Darvaza (live), ex-Deathrow (live), ex-Schammasch (live), ex-Ass of Spades, ex-Jante Alu
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