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Organ Donor - Photo

Organ Donor

Country of origin:
United States
Richmond, Virginia
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Gore, Pathology, Underground scene
Last label:
Years active:
2010-2012, 2017-?
Not to be confused with Organ Donor, heavy/groove metal from Fresno, California.
Alex Conversino Bass
See also: ex-Parasytic
Elway Drums
See also: ex-Bastard Sapling, ex-War Torn, ex-C.R., ex-Celebrity Murders, ex-Murdock
Nick Poulos Guitars
See also: Bat, Municipal Waste, Volture, Combat Delta (live), ex-Parasytic, ex-Cannabis Corpse, ex-Battlemaster (live), ex-D.R.I. (live), ex-Byam Klavor
Drew Goldi Guitars
See also: ex-Bastard Sapling, ex-Byam Klavor, ex-Lunyptra, ex-Inter Arma, ex-Tempest
Andy Horn Vocals
See also: Battlemaster, Crossspitter, Loud Night, Combat Delta (live), The Skin, ex-Cannabis Corpse, ex-Skeletonwitch (live)
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