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Ordo Sanguinis Noctis - Photo

Ordo Sanguinis Noctis

Country of origin:
Słupsk, Pomerania / Trzcianka, Greater Poland
Formed in:
Black Metal
Chthonic cults, Blood rituals, Primordial blackness
Current label:
Hell Is Here Production
Years active:
New logo made by Christophe Szpajdel in November 2016.
Wened Wilk Sławibor Drums, Vocals (2015-present)
See also: Barbarous Pomerania, Cmentarny Zew, Coffinshade, Duch Czerni, Exercitus Septentrionale, Exsanguinare, Faustian Funeral, Fulguritus, Guild of Shadows, Hatenwar, Lunar Tyrant, Necrostrigis, Nightevil, Nocturnal Werewolf, Nyja, Odszczepieniec, Ravenmoon Sanctuary, Sit Finis Hominum, Starlit Woods, Stodor Wilzorum, Templum Umbrae, Vorthax, Waroath, Winterscars, Ydolothytum, Zakon Wilczej Krwi, Zcerneboh, Zuarasiz, Lord Wind (live), ex-Angrenost, ex-Archandrja, ex-Blood Stronghold, ex-Cryptal Spectres, ex-Midnight, ex-Night's Blood, ex-Quercus, ex-Venedae, ex-Wilczy Demon, ex-Wizun, ex-Cthulhu Rites, ex-Seth, Desolatus, Incantatrices, Melancholium, Painland, Petrihorn, Unynije, Vitutus, ex-Cursed Coven, ex-Darkstorm, ex-Gontyna Kry, ex-Lechia, ex-Plaguespawn, ex-Aetheres, ex-Angmar, ex-Birkut, ex-Czart, ex-Demiurg Błyskawicy, ex-Maze of Darkness, ex-Pomeranian Warriors, ex-Sunastray, ex-Uterus, ex-Wąpierz
Vorthax Guitars (2015-present)
See also: Fulguritus, Nightevil, Odszczepieniec, Sit Finis Hominum, Vorthax, Waroath, Die Raben
PLR IV Bass (2020-present)
See also: Necrostrigis, Savage Oath, ex-Manilla Road, Cricket Wand
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