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Open Heart Supper

Country of origin:
United States
Long Beach, California
Formed in:
Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Years active:
Open Heart Supper is a member of the HLP Army.

Compilation Appearances:
- "Ancient Ways" on "San Diego Metal Compilation" (2004)

Lunar Sadness is in over 30 musical projects.
Ominous Guitars, Bass
See also: Ominous Grim, ex-Ominous Force, ex-Spellcast, God Forsaken Whore, Heartsick, Moonlight Bathe, ex-Ominous (USA), ex-Ominous Darklord
Lunar Sadness Guitars, Bass
See also: Ominous Grim, ex-Oblivion Winters, ex-Ominous Force, ex-Spellcast, 12th Power, Achronychous, Astral Epitaph, Black Phoenix Risen, Blessed Rest, Chyrp, Counter Christwise, Daemonic Shadow, Disemboweled Fuck, Egura Mist, Fear=Control, God Forsaken Whore, Grand Mal, Grim Materia, Heartsick, Human Wretch, Hypnovision, Introvert, Jezehell, Lethe's Vessel, Medieval Stormcastle, Mental Slavery, Mimic Anthropomorphia, Mirror rorriM, Moonlight Bathe, Neptunian Moonlight, Oceanvs, Panachronist, Perpetuum, Question Divine, Rain Worship, Rigomorgasm, Serpent's Tongue, Sick Bastard's Cock, Soundtrack to a Nightmare, Spellghast, Suicidal Death Flight, Suicidal Death Squad, Twilycan, Uhtred, Vespidae Bane, Yuletide Stag, ex-Ominous (USA), ex-Ominous Darklord
White Beast Vocals
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