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Nox Inferi - Photo

Nox Inferi

Country of origin:
Annandale, New South Wales
Formed in:
Black Metal
Humanity's downfall, Death, Extinction
Last label:
Those Opposed Records
Years active:
Part of Ordo Ater Anguis, or Order of the Black Serpent, along with Atra, Drowning the Light, Erebus Enthroned, Eternum, Ghosts of Oceania, Harvest, Ill Omen, LCF, Nazxul, Pestilential Shadows, Red Dragon, and others.

Compilation appearance(s):
- "V" on Those Opposed 15​-Year Anniversary Compilation 2006​-​2021 (Those Opposed Records, digital, December 2021)
Lurker Drums
See also: Toil, ex-Askelon, ex-Mord, ex-Necrophile, ex-Raw Hatred, ex-Satanic Funeral, ex-Blasphemous Crucifixion, ex-Gravestench, ex-Nazroth, ex-Unholy Scripture, Glass Pageant, Harness, Hostage, ex-Funeral Mourning, ex-Interfektor, ex-Sangraal, ex-Vrolok, ex-Dawn of Sorrow, ex-Crooked Necks, ex-Frail, ex-Old Oak, ex-Taog Susej
Wraith Guitars, Keyboards
See also: Ichor, Nazxul, Ravenous Dusk, Toil, Red Dragon, ex-Pestilential Shadows, ex-Drowning the Light (live), ex-Ill Omen (live), ex-Frail
Nocturnus Horrendus Vocals
See also: Coldness, Corpus Christii, Maldito, Morte Incandescente, Son of Cain, Storm Legion, ex-A Tree of Signs, ex-Noctu, Subcaos, ex-Genocide Kommando, ex-Decayed (live), ex-Irae (live), ex-Flamma Aeterna
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