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Nocturnal Feast

Country of origin:
Changed name
Formed in:
Black/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Anti-Christian, Satan
Last label:
Years active:
1992-1993, 1993-2002 (as Black Dawn), 2002-present (as True Black Dawn)
Wrath and Cauldron are the only known members. Most likely, Petri Seikkula and Mika Aalto did not play in Nocturnal Feast. The band changed their name to Black Dawn in the beginning of 1993.
Jussi Bass
See also: ex-Black Dawn
Cauldron Drums
See also: ex-Black Dawn, ex-O, ex-Throes of Dawn, ex-True Black Dawn, ex-...and Oceans, ex-Enochian Crescent, ex-Loviatar
Marko Guitars
See also: ex-Black Dawn
Tero Perasto Guitars
See also: ex-Astaroth, ex-Deathmarched, ex-Defiled Icon, ex-True Black Dawn, ex-Black Dawn
Wrath Vocals (1992-1993)
See also: True Black Dawn, ex-Black Dawn, ex-Enochian Crescent, ex-Genital Masticator, ex-Loviatar
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