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Nocti Vagus

Country of origin:
Memmingen, Bavaria
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Darkness, Nature, Universe
Last label:
Solistitium Records
Years active:
1995-1998 (as Nordwind), 1998-?
Kriya Guitars
See also: Nordlys
Zagan Keyboards
See also: ex-Nordwind
Orkrist Bass (1998-?)
See also: Cold Lake Towers, Vargsang, ex-Nordisches Blut, ex-Nordwind, ex-Totenreich, ex-Gorrenje, ex-Graven
Andras Drums (1998-?)
See also: Graven, Nekrovault, ex-Chaosreign, ex-Nordwind, ex-Totenreich, ex-Revel in Flesh
A. Guitars, Vocals (1998-?)
See also: Totalselfhatred, ex-Der Tod, ex-Die Pest, ex-Nordwind, ex-Horna, ex-Korgonthurus, ex-Nordlys, ex-Fjell, ex-Days of Saturn, ex-Elfenwald, ex-Orkburg
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