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Night Sun

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Doom, Drugs, Women
Last label:
Second Battle
Years active:
1970-? (as Night Sun Mournin'), ?-1973
One of the earliest German metal acts alongside Scorpions and Lucifer's Friend.

Night Sun were formed after the split-up of the jazz-oriented band Take Five, calling themselves initially Night Sun Mournin', but soon they changed their name simply to Night Sun, using the last word as the name of their first (and only) release Mournin'. The album was one of the first oeuvres which incorporated ...
Ulrich Staudt Drums, Percussion (1970-1973)
Walter Kirchgässner Guitars (1970-1973)
Knut Rössler Organ, Piano, Trumpet, Basoon (1970-1973)
See also: ex-Chameleon
Bruno Schaab Vocals, Bass (1970-1973)
See also: ex-Desperado, ex-Guru Guru
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