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Country of origin:
Venlo, Limburg
Changed name
Formed in:
Death/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
2001-2004, 2004-present (as Infuriate)
Necropolis was formed late 2001 from the ashes of Nemesis Degenerated and Insanity in Disguise. Two bands that had been around in the local scene for some time. While these two bands supplied the Vocals, Bass, Guitar and Drums, another guitarplayer was found to complete the line-up. The first year was mainly used for writing our own material and getting to know each other's taste in music. In ...
Richard Roggeveen Bass (2001-2003)
See also: Infuriate
Flip Frencken Drums (2001-2003)
See also: Infuriate
Alex Fogheri Guitars (2001-2003)
See also: Infuriate
Guus Giambarresi Guitars (2001-2003)
See also: Infuriate
Remco van den Hurk Vocals (2001-2003)
See also: ex-Model 101, ex-State:Chaos, ex-Infuriate
Ron Classen Vocals (2001-2003)
See also: Martyrium, ex-Infuriate
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