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Naked Shit - Photo

Naked Shit

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Edinburgh, Scotland
Formed in:
Drone/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Sound Devastation Records
Years active:
?-2008, 2006-2008
Released: Demo called "Shit 2" (and presumably "Shit 1")

Tim Holehouse also has a self-titled folk/drone project.

Split-up in June 2008.
Stonerwitch Drums
See also: ex-The Dakinis
The Host Sepia Vocals, Guitars
See also: TCH (Timothy C. Holehouse), ex-Among the Missing, ex-Soon the Darkness, ex-The Perfect Human Example
Hamish MacDeath Drums (2006-2008)
See also: Ageless Summoning, Arkanar, Belliciste, Haar, Monad, Sluagh, Úir, Vostok, ex-Acatalepsy, ex-Falloch (live), ex-IX
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