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Murder of Crows

Country of origin:
United States
Madison, Wisconsin
Formed in:
Doom/Stoner Metal with Crust influences
Lyrical themes:
Politics, Absurdity, Apocalypse
Last label:
Scenester Credentials
Years active:
Split up in 2008 because Matt Noble moved to Portland, Oregon.
Anthony Moraga Bass
See also: Deep Shit, Tiny Daggers, ex-Disassembly of God, ex-Pyroklast, ex-Slumberwolf
Weinerstick Drums
See also: And/Or Live, ex-RübEr BâNd, ex-She-Rider
Little Matt Guitars
See also: Jex Thoth, Ossuary, Panther, ex-Petrol Ardente, ex-Whorelord, ex-Anal Beard, ex-Deep Shit, ex-Disassembly of God, ex-Feast of the Zombies, ex-Love Always, Your Friend, ex-Rejected Ideals, ex-Slumberwolf
Big Matt Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Lost Issues, ex-Raw Nerves, ex-Screaming Fist, ex-Virgin Surgeons
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