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Morbus Mundi

Country of origin:
Tver, Tver Oblast
Formed in:
Black Metal, Noise
Lyrical themes:
National Socialism, Evil, Hatred (early); Christianity, Anti-fascism (later)
Current label:
A.M.F. Productions
Years active:
Prior to 2016, Morbis Mundi shared right-wing views. Recent releases and a statement on Bandcamp confirm that the artist is now an Orthodox Christian and he has denounced his previous views.

Featured on:
  • 2008 album by Ryr, titled "Гиперборея :Gibur:".
  • 2011 album with Ультраполярное Вторжение & Transistorwald, titled "Акт Тотальной Неслучайности".
  • 2012 album by Ryr feat Tchernoblyad, Morbus
  • ...
    Boreas Meru Everything (2000-present)
    See also: ex-Abstract Satan, ex-Endlosung, ex-Stella Arja, ex-Буревестник, ex-Eisigwald, MNL9, Monologue, Totalmehehe, Я Есть Ничто (I Am Nothing), ex-Northstream
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