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Country of origin:
Schneeberg, Saxony
Formed in:
Epic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Darkness, Hatred, Occultism, Fantasy, War
Last label:
Misanthrophia Discos
Years active:
1989 (as Bloodbrain), 1990-1993 (as Purulent Obduction), 1993-1994 (as Demoniac), 1994-1999
Also appeared on the Black Metal Blitzkrieg compilation LP (300 copies, End All Life Productions, 2001) with the exclusive track "Troglodytin", Under the Pagan Moon compilation CD (1996) with "I Am All" and on Enceclopedia Pestilencia 3 compilation CD (1997) with the exclusive track "Fullmoon Witchery" as well as several still unreleased studio tracks recorded from 1996-98 do exist.
Occulta Mors All instruments
See also: Nachtfalke, ex-Purulent Obduction, Lyssa (Ger), Massenmörder, ex-Andras, ex-Nargaroth, ex-Totenburg, ex-Dusken (live), ex-Demoniac, ex-Pentdragon, ex-Bloodbrain, ex-Excrement Terror
Gaamalzagoth Vocals
See also: Azaxul, ex-Cabaret for Bereaved, ex-Demoniac, ex-Ravenclaw, ex-Mysterium, ex-Witchlord
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