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Moonblood - Photo


Country of origin:
Schneeberg, Saxony
Formed in:
Epic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Hatred, Occultism, Fantasy, War, Anti-Christianity, Satanism
Last label:
End All Life Productions
Years active:
1988-1989 (as Terror and Agnostic), 1989-1990 (as Bloodbrain), 1990-1993 (as Purulent Obduction), 1993-1994 (as Demoniac), 1994-1999
As of 2015, all unreleased studio tracks recorded from 1996-98 have been released.

Two tapes, titled Rehearsal 14: When Moonlight Takes the Sky and Rehearsal 15 also exist, but there's no further info about them.

Compilation appearances:
- "Troglodytin" (exclusive) on Black Metal Blitzkrieg compilation LP (300 copies, End All Life Productions, 2001)
- "I Am All" on Under the Pagan Moon ...
Occulta Mors All instruments (1994-1999)
See also: Nachtfalke, ex-Excrement Terror, ex-Bloodbrain, ex-Purulent Obduction, Massenmörder, ex-Andras, ex-Demoniac, ex-Nargaroth, ex-Totenburg, ex-Dusken (live), ex-Pentdragon, ex-Lyssa (Ger)
Gaamalzagoth Vocals (1994-1999)
See also: Azaxul, Demoniac, ex-Cabaret for Bereaved, ex-Ravenclaw, ex-Mysterium, ex-Witchlord
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