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Mondocane - Photo


Country of origin:
Catania, Sicily / Genoa, Ligury
Formed in:
Crossover/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Society, Humour, Private jokes
Last label:
Metalmaster Records
Years active:
1989-1991, 2007-2010
Side project of Schizo and Necrodeath members. Only in the reunion of 2007 the band was joined by Carmelo Orlando of Novembre.

Band first split up in the 1990's and reunited in 2007. Broke up definitively in 2010.
Alberto Bass (1989-1991, 2007-2010)
See also: Camera Obscura Two, ex-Schizo
Peso Drums (1989-1991, 2007-2010)
See also: Necrodeath, ex-Ghostrider, ex-Angel Death, ex-Sadist, ex-Raza de Odio, ex-Leech
S.B. Guitars (1989-1991, 2007-2010), Vocals (1989-1991)
See also: Schizo, ex-Dead Schizo
Orlando C. Vocals (2007-2010)
See also: Novembre, ex-Catacomb
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